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Why "Aux"?

The term “Aux” is derived from the word “Auxiliate,” signifying our commitment to supporting businesses in auxiliary tasks while they focus on their core operations. We seamlessly “Auxiliate” our Pros, Wizards, and Service boosters to handle non-core tasks, ensuring your business operates at its peak efficiency.

Solving Your Business Complexities

Aux services LLC is a culmination of three decades of dedicated global consulting experience, multiple functional domains and different technologies. Established with a vision to redefine support and augmentation services, we have successfully fortified businesses across Coppell, Texas and worldwide.

Our Expertise in Practice

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Our Distinctive Resources

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Global Consulting Expertise
Founded on 30 years of global consulting experience.
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Diverse Service Portfolio
A one-stop solution for businesses of all scales.
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Skilled and Experienced Team
Ensuring excellence in every service we provide.
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Customization and Flexibility
Committed to offering tailored solutions.
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Network of Partnerships
A wide network of strategic collaborations.

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